Adeazy Review (not SCAM)

Adeazy review – is Adeazy SCAM?

-$4 minimum payout
-FREE Pioneer Upgrade for first 10,000 members

-Earn up to $0.02 per own click
-Earn up to $0.02 per referral click
-Earn from Tasks (min. $0.05)

-Many refs for rent, fast support

Payment processors for purchases and payments:
Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Perfect Money, PAYEER

I still don’t know if Adeazy is a SCAM but it’s worth a try because it’s a brand new program and you could be one of the first members to get a piece of the pie. Also, the design looks professional which means that the owner invested some money in this whole business. I will update Adeazy review when (and if) I receive my first payment.

Adeazy Strategy Guide

Adeazy Strategy Guide:A step-by-step strategy guide on how to earn $1000+ per month with Adeazy

Follow this simple Adeazy guide and you could start earning some real money – over $30 per day! It’s a simple strategy to follow, but it will take some time to make it work for you. Just follow it and you will make money.

First, you must have an account at Adeazy. If you don’t have an account, sign up for your free Adeazy account here.

Step 1 – Earn 20 cents in your first ten days
After you login, click “View Advertisements” link in a menu on top of the site. Once you do this, you’ll see a list of advertisements you can click on to earn money. There are different types of advertisements for you to click on, and each type pays you a slightly different amount. All you need to know for now is that you should click on an ad no matter how much it pays.

After you have generated $1 or more, you can move onto Stage 2.

Step 2 – Renting your first 5 referrals
This is where the strategy guide really becomes fun, because you will see your account balance grow without clicking on any advertisements. When you rent a referral, you will pay $.20 for each 30 day cycle for that referral. When you rent a referral, you need to make sure that you turn Autopay ON. Autopay will give you a discount when you renew the referral: you will pay $.17 instead of$.20. This might not sound like much right now, but when you start dealing with THOUSANDS of rented referrals, that $.03 difference is really going to add up.

Now that you have some referrals, you need to make sure that you click on at least four of the “Fixed Ads” per day. If you don’t do this, you won’t receive the full amount that you’re entitled to from your referrals, and the strategy will not work correctly.

Have a look at some math:
Assuming an estimate whereby your referrals click an average of 20 ads per day, and that you make $0.02 from clicking on advertisements on your own, your daily income will look like:

Direct Revenue – $0.04
Referral Revenue – 5 x 10 x $0.001 = $0.10
Minus AutoPay – 5 x 0.0057 = $0.0285
Total Daily Profit – $0.04 + $0.10 – $0.0285 = $0.1115

The heart of this strategy is to reinvest your daily profit back into Adeazy during this stage in order to keep your account balance growing in preparation for the next stage. This is very important and crucial to the strategy.

At making $0.1115 per day profit, you can afford to rent at least 5 new referrals every 10 days. We should do this until we make enough to purchase a 10-pack of rented referrals.

Step 3 – Rent as many referrals as you can
The more we reinvest our profit into referrals, the higher packs of rented referrals we will be able to afford. This part is easy but it will take a little bit of time. Just keep continue reinvesting your profits into renting referrals until you have 300 rented referrals, which is the maximum that you can have as a standard member.

Step 4 – Time to become Golden
As a golden member, you will make two times the normal amount in referrals. Therefore, you will get a minimum of $0.002 for each referral click as opposed to $ 0.001 per click!

Referral clicks: 0.002 per click x 20 ads each day x 500 referrals = $20
Daily Personal clicks:0.002 per click x 20 ads each day = $0.04 every day
Total Daily Earnings: $20.00 + $0.04 = $20.04 per day

You will be tempted to cash out at this point, but don’t; be patient until you have not less than 2000 referrals, earning you between $30 and $40 daily.

That’s it! See how simple it is to earn REAL money at Adeazy!

Common Pitfalls To Avoid
1. Not promoting Adeazy to get Direct Referrals (DRs)
Most newbies commit this heinous mistake. Make sure you send your Adeazy referral link (and this Adeazy guide) to your friends. This way, you will make much more money because you will have active referrals that know how to make money with Adeazy and this strategy guide.
2. Cashing Out too Early
This mistake is mostly committed by impatient persons. It is usually motivated by the desire to establish whether Adeazy is bona fide or not. Some withdraw as less as $1.00 but why have a dollar in your Paypal account if you could have used it to rent referrals?
3. Inconsistency or Giving up altogether
One of the magical rules of PTC is consistency. If you are the type that will skip days without clicking on ads, especially when you are just getting started, you sure may not profit. Every day you skip will negatively affect your progress and the overall game plan to success is hindered. You must be motivated to remain active.

How to go from zero to 1 million visitors per month?

If you read my About page you should know that my final goal is to start receiving 1 million visitors per month to my NosyTapir.com blog.Have you ever heard about “How to Double Your Way to a Million” by Stuart Goldsmith? It’s a free report that shows you how to go from one cent to one million in 28 steps. I couldn’t find the original version, so I uploaded it here. It’s pretty short so You can feel free to read it right away. Are you done already? Well, I don’t want to make a million! I do, but that’s not the point. :) I want to try something similar but with traffic to my other blog – NosyTapir.com. My plan is to double my way from one to one million visitors per month in 21 steps.

Step 1: 1 visitor

Step 2: 2 visitors

Step 3: 4 visitors

Step 4: 8 visitors

Step 5: 16 visitors

Step 6: 32 visitors

Step 7: 64 visitors

Step 8: 128 visitors

Step 9: 256 visitors

Step 10: 512 visitors

Step 11: 1024 visitors

Step 12: 2048 visitors

Step 13: 4096 visitors

Step 14: 8192 visitors

Step 15: 16384 visitors

Step 16: 32768 visitors

Step 17: 65536 visitors

Step 18: 131072 visitors

Step 19: 262144 visitors

Step 20: 524288 visitors

Step 21: 1048576 visitors

I will consider each step finished when I receive a certain amount of visitors for three months in a row. For example if I receive 35 visitors in March, 33 visitors in April and 42 visitors in May, I will consider Step 6 finished. I will write down everything I did to achieve each step and share this with You on this blog.

200-Day Moving Average – the number one Forex indicator

200-day EMA Forex indicator

200-day EMA (Exponential Moving Average) is my favorite Forex indicator and it’s used by many PRO traders. It’s not just a simple indicator that shows the average price of a currency for last 200 days. It’s also not an indicator I put on my charts together with other moving averages and wait for a cross-over to enter a trade. It’s more than that! I love trading Price Action but I couldn’t do it without the 200-day EMA. Here is how I use it:

1) As a trend identifier – If you see the candlesticks above 200-day EMA, you are in an uptrend. If the candlesticks are below the EMA indicator, we are talking about a downtrend. If the candlesticks are close to EMA, the trend is weak and if the candlesticks are far from the EMA line, we will say that we see a strong trend:forex-uptrend


2) As a support/resistance level – Yes, you can draw your own S/R lines, but 200-day Moving Average is used by many professional traders and it can be used a strong S/R level.

NOTE: I also use 100-day EMA for this!!!


3) As a reversal signal – If you see candlesticks move through a 200-day Moving Average, this can be used as a signal that the trend is reversing:


Make sure you use EMA and not SMA (Simple Moving Average) because EMA is more responsive and more accurate.

Price Action – the first thing you have to learn!

What is Price Action?

Price Action is a change in the value of a currency pair over a period of time and it can be seen on a chart. The first thing you need to learn is to read these charts…to read Price Action! You can fill your MetaTrader 4 platform with hundreds of top-notch indicators but if you don’t understand what’s happening on the charts, you will fail and lose money. Indicators are great but I only use them to confirm the direction of a currency price. The best way to learn about Price Action is to learn the basics and spend hours and hours trading clean charts with no indicators. I didn’t want to record my own video about Price Action because there are a few PA experts who are much better at teaching than myself, so I decided to share their videos and articles (and some other resources) instead:

Forex Price Action Articles:

A Beginner’s Guide to Forex Price Action Trading by Nial Fuller

Beginners Guide To Price Action Trading by Nial Fuller

Price Action Trading Patterns: Pin Bars, Fakey’s, Inside Bars by Nial Fuller

Pin Bar Forex Trading Strategy – Pin Bar Definition by Nial Fuller

Beginner’s Guide To Reading Price Action by tradingsetupsreview.com

Instantly Improve Your Trading Strategy with Support and Resistance by tradingsetupsreview.com

4 Ways to Trade a Channel by tradingsetupsreview.com

Forex Price Action Resources:

Chris Capre’s forex trading courses help accelerate your learning curve to profitable trading. If you are looking for forex trading strategies that work, start your forex training with his FREE Beginners Course. You can also watch his recorded webinars on FXStreet or read his thread about Price Action on BabyPips. He is one of the best Price Action experts!

Nial Fuller is also one of the professional Price Action traders and mentors – make sure you visit his “Learn To Trade The Market” blog!

Forex Price Action Videos:

From zero to 1 million visitors per month